2022 Mercedes AMG SL 63

With four-wheel drive and changing from two to two seats, the kerb weight climbs to 220 pounds. The R232 SL needs to be more than just a Grand Tourer with rear seats and all-wheel drive to attract buyers who buy the discarded S-Class convertible. Without performance upgrades, the SL will not regain its stature in the top-of-the-range range roadster range, nor will it soar as high as the AMG GT Roadster.

The new SL is the first all-wheel-drive roadster to be offered as standard. Unlike other AMG models, the torque distribution is variable, and the front axle is decoupled for legal rear-wheel drive.

The new model has a new look with more open cabin proportions than its predecessor 67 years after the original SL was introduced to the Mercedes-Benz model range first. The seventh generation of the Mercedes SL Roadster returns the fabric roof and 2 + 2 layout of the previous incarnations and includes All-wheel drive and All-Ball Steering as standard.

On Thursday, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the new generation of its AMG SL. The change in nomenclature is a hint that the development of the all-new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 is now in the hands of the AMG division. It also shows a new AMG architecture, which Mercedes says is under the skin of the new R232 generation, which will be taken over from its predecessor and shared with GT Roadster brands.

When it comes to the iconic Mercedes, the SL sports car class, which has been a fixture for decades, is hard to ignore. The SL is one of the longest-standing nameplates in the Mercedes portfolio and has been around for over 70 years. The new generation of the SL will be available at dealerships in 2022 in the SL 55 and SL 63 series.

It replaces the AMG GT Roadster and the dead S-Class convertible, and with the R231 SL it has some big shoes to fill, but it seems to be a home run. In addition to the development on AMG’s new platform, the SL 63 features a fabric roof, a two-in-two seating arrangement, modern technology and a range of performance features that have never been used in the SL before.

The new design of the SLs is not a shock insofar as it is a direct evolution of Mercedes-Benz’s current shark-like design language but I think the seventh generation of the SL roadster is the best looking car the company has released in years. Previous editions of the SL-Class were developed and built to market the AMG brand. The AMG SL 2020 feels like a classic for a long journey, a 2 + 2 for a weekend excursion that is more akin to a duel with a Porsche 911.

Affalterbach specified how the new SL 63 should become sportier than the original SL-Class and improve the comfort features of the popular Mercedes-Benz models.

Mercedes-AMG also promises a performance-oriented plug-in hybrid model. All-wheel drive will be standard on the Mercedes AMG SLS from 2022, ensuring owners can take it on a ski trip while the engines still deliver maximum torque.

The GT Roadster has a rear transaxle mounted on the engine’s torque tube. Typically, we get a quad exhaust tip at the rear, complemented by an air extraction system located directly behind it.

In addition, the new generation of the SL has rear seats, which makes it a two-seater in a ratio of 2: 2 compared to the other models. The additional seating makes you feel like you are in a different class of car when it replaces the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. The additional interior is enough for the passengers to expand, but the new AMG SL still looks stylish and sporty, with many of the characteristic 14-blade radiator grills, massive intake openings, big exhaust points, active rear spoiler and of course, the most important, the engine cover.

As you would expect from a high-quality Mercedes convertible, the new SL comes standard with an air scarf and a neck heater with ventilation slots in the front head restraints. As with the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, we have discovered that the new AMG SL is equipped, unlike the previous generation, with a fabric top that helps to limit weight and prioritise performance.

Customers can select from 12 paint colours, including two SL-specific colours (Hyper Blue Metallic and Manufactory Monza Gray Magno), three different soft-top colours and a whole range of interior colours. In 2020 in the United States, Mercedes-AMG SL 63 will be available in the versions SL 55 and SL 63, both with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.

Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country will receive the SL 2022 in the first half of 2022.
It seems that the AMG SL63 2022 will adopt the new Mercedes design, which features narrower and more aggressive headlamp designs and narrower tail lights that extend to the centre of the car.

Affordable convertibles no longer exist, but the days of sleek, luxurious droptops are overWith the retirement of the S-Class Cabriolet for the 2021 model year and the imminent introduction of the CLES-Class replacement for the roofless E-Class, the AMG SL occupies a niche for practically oriented Benz fans who shop in the upper ranks of the segment.

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