BMW Z4 M40i (2021)

Ac Schnitzer Bmw Z4 M40I (2021)

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We have been waiting for Toyota to release a successor to the iconic Mk4, and when a new model came out in 2019 we were a bit excited. We have seen it all before, from a former US president whose memory died in a Moscow hotel room with only Colin Powell and a dodgy dossier on alleged Russian sex workers and others present.

Just yesterday, the German tuner AC Schnitzer presented its aftermarket range for the Toyota Supra 2020 and, like its sister model BMW, gets a multitude of goodies that cover all bases. The highlight of the program is the Z4 M40i, but for smaller versions of the sporty roadster from Magna Steyr in Graz (Zupra) there are plenty of upgrades. Technically, Schnitzer could release an upgraded Toyota GR Supra with similar kits, but nothing will happen with the BMW Z4 m40i Roadster.

The Z4 Roadster also comes with new aluminum paddle shifters that match the aluminum footrests and pedals. Power tuner upgrades combine to squeeze even more horses out of the Z4 “s standard 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine, from 382 bhp to 400 horses.

It is also faster than the standard model: the tuners have developed a performance upgrade that increases the output of the BMW six-cylinder turbo engines from 294kW / 600Nm in the standard Z4 to 250kW / 500Nm. In addition, BMW tuning specialist Aachen has published a performance upgrade for versions 3.0i and 2.0I, which increases the current 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque from the Z4 engine to 197 hp and 320 Nm of torque at 2.5i. Matching performance upgrades, the Aachen tuners also developed an impressive body set. Starting with a set of four Sport Carbon Sport Black tailpipes on the flagship model and two tailpipes on the right and left of the exhaust, the Tuners have also developed an impressive body set.

The Aachen-based BMW tuning specialist sharpened the new BMW Z4 20i and 30i models with performance enhancements for those who want the optional look of these models. Other tuning elements have also been developed in a sporty way. All these upgrades are intended to improve the overall impression of the Z4 M40 and, judging from the video above, AC Schnitzer has made a significant contribution to what we have already seen in the car.

Long-time favourite BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has launched its revised version of the G29 BMW Z4. In order to deepen the program for the new Z4 Roadster, the M40i, we are looking for the German tuner to drop the motherlode of the aftermarket parts. In accordance with the reputation that the Z4 M40 has built up over time, AC Schnitzer’s range covers a lot of ground for this car.

The proportions and sporty appearance of the Z4 Roadster are highlighted by the AC Schnitzer part, from the front splitter and side skirts to the two-piece rear spoiler lip. The Z4 M40i adds cerium grey accents to distinguish it from the naturally powered BMW Z4 Roadster. The eternal BMW tuner ACchnitzer has also developed a sporty tailpipe that leaves the two corners and is equipped with a sport carbon and sport black exhaust system.

At launch, buyers can choose between a 194hp or 255hp 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine (20i or 30i). The word is not out yet, but the car will be equipped with a German tuner power kit that will bring the Z4 M40is 3.0-liter turbo in-line six-cylinder to 394 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. In addition to the turbo in-line six-cylinder, the M40i M performance derivatives will have the status of a glittering top-of-the-line model, delivering 335bhp and torque that Z4 fans will find more grunting than the outgoing Z4 SDrive35is.

In 1987 AC Schnitzer was founded as a subsidiary of the Kohl Automobile GmbH by Willi Kohl and Herbert Schnitzer. Since its inception, the company has earned a reputation as a force to be reckoned with with its delicious tuning modules and numerous achievements in the motorsport world. Frankly, the German tuner continues to amaze in the aftermarket sector with its high-quality performance enhancement kits for BMW, Land Rover, Mini, Jaguar and Toyota. German auto magicians like A.C. Schnitzer do not play along.

With the performance upgrades from AC Schnitzer for the new BMW Z4, the driver is significantly improved in terms of sportiness. The Z4 M40i is open to sporty and unadapted vehicle concepts and focuses on agility and driving dynamics.

The standard Z4 M40i costs PS49,050, but the price of the upgrades has not yet been announced. If the prospect of tuning a brand new BMW is of concern to you, don’t worry there is a 5-year guarantee that comes with all the work done by AC Schnitzer. Consider 340 hp, but when the M40I is no longer dynamic enough to teach a lesson, AC Schnitzer’s power increase is a full 400 hp.

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