Mahfuz Anam in a conspiracy to destabilize the country with NGOs in front

Govinda Chandra Pramanik, secretary general of the Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, said Mahfuz Anam and his wife Shaheen Anam were the masterminds of the conspiracy. They have been working hard from behind for a long time. Shaheen Anam is various through his NGO

NGOs are working to create division among Hindus with money. Hindus will not allow them to fulfill this dream. The people of the Hindu community are united. Some apostates have formed alliances with NGOs, to no avail. Advocate Binoy Kumar Ghosh, joint secretary of the Puja Celebration Parishad, said the Hindu community is with the government. A clique is trying to destabilize the situation by putting NGOs in front. The way they got up and down at one-eleven to dispute the incumbent Prime Minister. He tried to create controversy by publishing false news in the newspapers and tried to destabilize the country. Mahfuz Anam was at the top of that cycle of one-eleven. He has become active again, the conspiracy has not stopped, he is trying to destabilize the situation with his wife-owned NGO. He is stirring everything.

Ad Kishore Ranjan Mandal, general secretary of the Mahanagar Puja Udyapan Parishad, said the Foundation for People was trying to create conflict among Hindus. Some more NGOs have been associated with this NGO. NGOs will not be given any concessions. Public formation will be done all over the country. Action will be taken against those who are conspiring.

The speakers said that these two NGOs and some insidious quarters are trying to create divisions among the Hindu community. The licenses of these NGOs should be canceled immediately. A section is trying to impose the law that the Hindu community does not want on them. Our protest will not be limited to human chains and protest rallies in front of the press club. Very soon a nationwide mass literacy movement will be formed.

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